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General questions

Unfortunately, the refund policy has been widely misused by some customers. Due to the nature of the product, as it is not possible to resell the license to another customer, and it is not possible to know if the license has been used and activated or not.

Refunds are made in only one case:

We recommend reading the terms and conditions

Microsoft Product Licensing

  • Once the purchase is completed, we will send the PDF instruction file to your registered email that helps you activate the license and also contains a link to download your copy for free without any additional charges.
  • Any questions or inquiries you can contact us.
  • We only sell the license, there is no additional cost for the CD, DVD or USB.
  • There is no shipment fee and the license is sent via email.
  • Microsoft software licenses presented on the site cannot be transferred between computers, and are licenses for a single computer or laptop. If not stated otherwise.
  • Microsoft software licenses are not valid for corporate users. If not stated otherwise.
  • You can get full support online at Microsoft.
  • You can get the latest updates from the Microsoft website.

Yes, we are authorized agents and distributors of Microsoft in Egypt.

Already Microsoft updates can be downloaded. The Microsoft software license on our store is 100% original, just install the license on an original copy of Microsoft software, and in case you do not have a copy available, we send a free download link without any additional fees.

Internet Download Manager license

When you purchase a lifetime license for Internet Download Manager, you can get a 3-year software update for free.

And when the 3 years have passed, you can buy a subscription only to make updates, and that will be much cheaper than buying a new license.

Please note that the end of the updates period after 3 years does not mean that the license that you have purchased must be renewed, the license is continuous for life, and you can use the program without any problems, but without the ability to make an update unless you decide to pay for the updates.

Internet Download Manager license for life. It is only paid once. There is no annual fee. The license is permanent for life, meaning it never expires.

Yeah. You can download updates, but for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Internet Download Manager will stop working when the license expires and it will ask you to enter a new activation code. You can renew the license for a new year or purchase a lifetime license.

Internet Download Manager license is only for one computer.

Please note that Internet Download Manager uses complex programs on its servers to detect if the same license is used on more than one computer, and then it is blocked.

When you buy more than one license for Internet Download Manager, you get a discount, either on the license for life or the license for one year. The discount percentage varies according to the number to be purchased. You can contact us for inquiries.

Of course, Organd is an official agent of the company in Egypt, and you can contact the company if you want to make sure through the following link:


You can download the latest version of Internet Download Manager and try it for 30 days by entering the following site:


WinRAR Software License

WinRAR license keys are perpetual licenses that will last with you for life.

It is WinRAR’s policy to offer future upgrades and updates free of charge. Although they do not intend to change this in the near future, there are no guarantees or real guarantees for how long the current policy will last.

If you want to be sure that you will also receive WinRAR updates and upgrades, you must purchase the annual maintenance package for the software.

WinRAR Annual Maintenance Package (WAMP)

WinRAR Annual Maintenance Package (WAMP) is a premium (optional) support service.

The following benefits are available to customers who have purchased the WinRAR Annual Maintenance Package (WAMP):

  • Priority support (within 48 hours via contacting a dedicated e-mail).
  • Ensure the upgrade and update the software.
  • Support in case of license loss (within 48 hours by contacting a dedicated e-mail).
  • Noticeable: Please be aware that this is a fully service provided by WinRAR.

You can purchase the WinRAR Annual Maintenance Package (WAMP) at any time.

When you purchase more than one WinRAR license, you can get a discount that varies according to the number of licenses required to be purchased. You can contact us for inquiries

You can download the latest version of WinRAR and try it for 40 days by entering the following WinRAR website.

If you can not find the answer to your questions. Please kindly contact us